2018 International Building Code

The William Cameron Engine Company has been appointed to regulate all commercial buildings (and residential buildings with greater than three residential units) in the Borough of Lewisburg to keep residents and businesses safe from fires by enforcing the 2018 version of the International Fire Code.

The International Fire Code regulates fire protection features in new constructions, renovations and additions, and it requires maintenance of built-in fire protection features.

The International Building and Fire Codes are developed from best practices, industry standards and historical events that resulted in large life or property losses. They not only address safety but environmental concerns as well.

We often say the basic tenets of fire prevention are engineering, education and enforcement. We sometimes require fire protection that you wouldn’t regularly notice, such as fire doors that close when the fire or sprinkler systems activate. But when that’s not possible, we educate occupants on the importance of keeping doors closed and properly maintaining fire protection systems. We ensure compliance by our thorough inspection program to quickly identify hazards.

That makes enforcement a rare last resort, only needed when other forms of fire prevention fail. If you have ANY questions, please call our Fire and Life Safety Inspection Division at 570-524-2291.

EMT Courses

The William Cameron Engine company hosts EMT Courses

See the Training page for upcoming opportunities. Flyers and registration information will be posted when available.