Safety on the Road

Important road safety rules are:

Use your safety belt. Seat belt use is required by Pennsylvania law and it will safe your life in case of an accident. If you are traveling with children be sure they are secured in age- and size appropriate car or booster seats.

Never drive after drinking alcohol. Impairment of your ability to drive begins with the first drink.

Don’t dial or talk on your cell phone while driving. Driving while talking on your cell phone is almost as much of an impairment to reaction time as being drunk.

Don’t speed. Speed kills.

If You Witness an Accident
Call 911 immediately and give the dispatcher information about the exact location of the accident. Be as specific as possible about the number of vehicles and persons involved and about whether anyone is trapped in a vehicle.

If Your Car Catches Fire
Cars and other vehicles contain flammable and combustible liquids and many materials that are toxic when burning. If your car catches fire, get everyone out, stay out, and stay away. Call 911 immediately.

Accidents That May Involve Hazardous Materials
A large number of vehicles transporting hazardous materials (hazmats) travel trough our area each day so it is possible that you may encounter an accident involving such materials.

If vehicles involved in the accident have signs that match those shown below call 911 immediately and use extreme caution.

If there is a fire, or if you see liquid leaking, or if you hear anything that sounds like escaping gas or see clouds of gas, fog, or vapors, or notice any odd odors get far away from the accident scene, preferably uphill and upwind of the accident. Call 911 immediately and describe what you have seen, smelled, or heard.

Be Prepared for the Season