Tools of the Trade

Here are some of the tools carried on WCEC engines & trucks. Have questions? Visit the FAQ page.

Set of “Irons”

Axes and Halligan Bars are classic fire fighting tools and often the first things that go into a fire with firefighters. Often carried together in the “marriage” show here.

Pike Poles

The hooks in hook and ladder. pike poles are used grab hold of and move hot or burring materials

Attack Hose

Inch-and-a-half to two-inch in diameter hose that is advanced into a structure to bring water to the seat of the fire, when possible.

Hose Appliances

Various adapters and values that are connected to hoses to regulate and direct water flow.

Smoke Ejectors

Powerful electric fans that are used to remove smoke or gases from a structure.

Hurst Spreaders aka “Jaws of Life”

Powerful hydraulic tools that are used to displace or deform parts of vehicles to gain access to trapped patients.

Hurst “O” Cutters

Capable of cutting and severing vehicle roof supports.