Training at WCEC

The William Cameron Engine Company is a learning organization. WCEC members undergo continuing training and professional development actives on a regular basis. WCEC sponsors and hosts various training opportunities for area firefighters and EMTs (for more information, take a look at the list of upcoming training events).

Firefighter Training

Currently, in Pennsylvania, basic training for volunteer firefighters begins with a set of four courses together referred to as the Essentials of Fire Fighting Module or EBM : History and Traditions of the Fire Service (16 hours), Fireground Support (42 hours), Exterior Firefighting (48 hours), and Interior Firefighting (64 hours). All volunteer firefighters at WCEC are expected to complete the EBM.

Once volunteers have completed the EBM sequence, they are eligible to take dozens of state-regulated courses that teach various advanced firefighting skills. Most of these course are offered through the Bucks County Community College Statewide Public Safety Training & Certification Program.

Examples of advanced courses include:

WCEC generally covers the costs of fire training courses for its volunteer members from company funds.

WCEC also conducts its own weekly training sessions most Tuesday nights starting at 7:00pm at which firefighters practice basic and advanced skills acquired through courses. The Tuesday sessions also often include operational debriefing sessions on the previous week's incidents.

Captain Steve Leauber, WCEC training officer, oversees and coordinates fire training activities.

EMT Training

EMT Course Announcement (Flyer available here)
Start date: September 22, 2015
End date: March 8, 2016

All WCEC EMTs are required to be state-certified. EMTs acquire state certification by taking a 140-220 hour EMT class and then passing the PA Department of Health EMT exam which includes written and practical elements.

To maintain state certification, all PA EMTs are required to participate in continuing education courses.