"The Straight and Narrow Way"

Rules for Firefighter Behavior Circa 1874

The 1874 bylaws for the William Cameron Engine Company set out the following schedule of fines for various transgressions.The list of rules suggest things that might have happened on a regualr basis and subsequently deemed dangerous, improer, or inappropriate.

Any member failing to be present at a fire shall be fined twenty five cents unless sick or out of town.

Any committee member who shall neglect the performance of his duties shall be fined twenty five cents.

Any member interfering with the foreman in going to or returning from a fire shall on being reported to the president fined one dollar.

The president or vice president for non attendance at meetings shall be fined fifty cents.

The secretary for failing to keep the minutes properly shall be fined twenty five cents.

The secretary for absence from a stated meeting or neglecting to have his books there shall be fined fifty cents.

The members detailed for house duty for failure to keep the hose and property in good order and allowing the hose off the carriage after sundown shall be fined twenty five cents.

Active members for non-attendance at stated meetings except in case of sickness shall be fined ten cents.

For refusing to assist in conveying apparatus to or from a fire: 25 cents.

For taking the equipment of another member during fire: 25 cents.

For leaving the room without the permission of the presiding officer: ten cents.

For refusing to vote on all questions: ten cents.

Any member furnishing a non-member with any company equipment unless by permission of the trustees: two dollars.

Any member who shall communicate any business transacted at a company meeting to a non-member: fifty cents.

No one shall be allowed to carry intoxicating liquors into the company rooms, and no card playing shall be allowed in the company rooms; no profane or indecent language will be tolerated. Any person violating any of the above laws shall for the first offence be fined one dollar. The second offence shall be reported to the board of fire officers. No smoking shall be allowed in the company room during meetings.

Any person entering the company rooms intoxicated shall be fined one dollar for each offence.

No member shall be allowed to stand around the pavement in front of the company rooms on the Sabbath under penalty of fifty cents.