WCEC Apparatus

Think of a fire department and you'll soon think of fire trucks. The WCEC owns and operates 10 emergency vehicles including two engines, a rescue truck, an aerial truck with the capacities of an engine, four ambulances and a utility vehicle. Vital statistics for WCEC apparatus are listed below.

To learn more about fire trucks and engines visit our apparatus FAQ page. To learn about the special firefighting tools our apparatus carry visit our tools of the trade page.

picture of truck 2-1

Apparatus Designator: Truck 2-1

Year, make, model: 1995 AerialScope on Saulsbury Chassis

Engine/Transmission: Detroit Diesel engine with automatic transmission

Primary Function: Aerial support for structural firefighting

Crew: Driver, Officer, and 4 Firefighters



Apparatus Designator: Rescue 2-1

Year, make, model: 1997 Saulsbury/Spartan with 2008 storage modifications by KME

Engine/Transmission: Detroit Diesel 60 Series, 430HP, 6 speed Allison automatic transmission

Primary Function: Vehicle Rescue and Fireground Support

Crew: Driver, Officer, 5 Firefighters


picture of engine 2-2

Apparatus Designator: Engine 2-2

Year, make, model: 1986 Saulsbury

Engine/Transmission: Detroit Diesel 6V92 350 HP, HT740 automatic transmission

Primary Function: Vehicle Fires/Crash Support

Crew: Driver, Officer, 4 Firefighters


picture of engine 2-3

Apparatus Designator: Engine 2-3

Year, make, model: 1995 Saulsbury/Spartan

Engine/Transmission: Detroit 60 Series 430HP, Allison 5speed automatic transmission

Primary Function: First Due Attack Engine

Crew: Driver, Officer, 4 Firefighters


picture of tanker 2-1

Apparatus Designator: Tanker 2-1

Year, make, model: 1991 Mack MR/4 Guys

Engine/Transmission: Mack E7-300 Turbocharged w/ 5 speed Allison automatic transmission

Primary Function: Water tender

Crew: Driver and Officer only


photo of utility 2-1

Appartaus Designator: Utility 2-1

Year, make, model: 2010 Ford


Primary Function: Carry additional manpower to incidents, wildfire support, fetching meals.
Crew: Driver, officer, two firefighters.

wcec ambulances